Content Marketing Starter Pack

About this career paths

This course is designed to get you started in the world of content marketing. Beyond introduction to content marketing, we will be taking you through the pillars of content marketing to give you a richer overview of this career path.

Courses included

Introduction to Content Marketing
Introduction to Content Marketing
This course will be introducing you to content marketing and key terms you need to understand as a content marketer.
Instructor: Ore Badmus
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Journey Mapping
Learn how to prioritize your customers when creating content through customer journey mapping.
Instructor: Kika Joy
Understanding Content Formats
Understanding Content Formats
Learn different content formats and how best to create content in each use case.
Instructor: Ore Badmus
Intro to Content Writing
Introduction to Content Writing
Learn how to write, edit and publish content for digital products and brands.
Instructor: Benjamin Dada

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Course reviews

I have never felt this way before, happier, well Informed and belonging to the Treford family even if I am just starting,I am definitely going to the top with this light on my part.
As a beginner in the tech field, I learnt a lot. Being in a class where the majority were proficient was somewhat challenging, but it’s all part of learning. Thanks to the tutor, I love that I can create a CMS in minutes.
Okonkwo Chisom

Frequently asked questions

Will I get lifetime access to this course?

Absolutely, you will be able to access the resources from this bootcamp. All resources will be shared before the end of the bootcamp.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes you will get a certificate of completion after finishing this course

I am just starting out. Is the course for me?

Yes, absolutely perfect for you! This bootcamp is for early-stage and mid-level professionals or anyone transitioning into product marketing. We recommend that you ensure your full presence at all sessions and ask questions whenever you are unsure.