Product Marketing Starter Pack

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Whether you are just starting your product marketing career, transitioning from another career path into product marketing or already practising, this pack helps you lay a solid foundation or refresh your knowledge in the world of product marketing.

Introduction to Product Marketing

Welcome to the world of product marketing, this session introduces you to the fast-paced world of product marketing and key terms you need to get started.

Understanding your Target Audience

Successful or failed marketing has its roots in a good or poor understanding of your target audience, this course shows you practical ways to connect with the right audience segment for a product

Managing the Product Lifecycle

The most successful product marketing teams don’t start after product launch but from the very early stages of product development, this session helps you understand the entire product lifecycle and the role of marketing teams at each stage.

Introduction to Email Marketing

Email marketing is 40 times more effective than social media marketing, according to a study done by McKinsey & Company. This session introduces you to the world of email marketing.

What You Will Get:
  • 20+ video sessions from experts
  • Quiz
  • Certificate of completion
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